Over the past decade we have seen a drastic change in how we advertise and the platforms in which we use to reach consumers. New technology has led to better platforms to market by enabling brands to reach consumers at all times, all over the world. This has also led to new means of measuring the success or failure of a marketing campaign. Our lesson this week breaks overall campaign measurement down into nine categories: attitudes, efficacy and effectiveness of interaction, informativeness, intensity and quality of interaction, decision outcomes, intention, behavior, usage and gratification, presence, and perceived control and vulnerability.


Brands have a faster and more rapid rate of interaction with consumers which leads to more opportunities for a message to be seen. “Interactive media shift control of the information flow from the marketer to the consumer. This provides many more options for responding to information than previous forms of marketing communication, and it is the response of consumers to these options that provides the basis for new measures of consumer response (Pavlou & Stewart, 2000).” This article is lengthy but a really good study on measuring the effects and effectiveness of interactive advertising, I highly recommend everyone to take a look at the attached pdf. This is a sound study of understanding the importance of measuring interactive marketing. Measuring the Effects and Effectiveness of Interactive Advertising- A Research Agenda


Social media has really changed how brands can measure the engagement of consumers. This is a new category in measuring a marketing effort. Only time will tell whether consumers will continue to be a part of a brand or just be another “like” or “follower.” “There is a huge viral factor with social media sites (behold ye retweeters). You can really see word of mouth in action on social media sites, and as such there is less guesswork involved when measuring the results – less extrapolation is needed (Lake, 2009).” Econsultancy has written an article on the 10 ways to measure social media: traffic, sales, leads, search marketing, brand metrics, PR, customer engagement, retention, and profits. To read the full article visit: http://econsultancy.com/us/blog/3407-10-ways-to-measure-social-media-success Omniture has done a survey with online analytics measuring social media key metrics. Their findings are shown below.


As media emerges so will the methods in which we measure them. Interactive media enables brands to measure quicker, and get insight from more consumers, although there are more categories in which to measure.


Jill V. Arvidson – signing out