Social media is taking over many forms of communication between brand and consumer, friends, family, etc. Adopting this as a marketing strategy is a fantastic way to reach a larger audience on a more personal level. I have found an article that highlights one brand in particular that has used social media in the fullest extent and have had outstanding results. Old Spice is a brand of cologne that has grown by sales numbers and consumers through using social media.

In July of 2010, Old Spice “launched a social media campaign that greatly appealed to young people with a handsome, shirtless actor (Isaiah Mustafa) in funny facebook, twitter, blog-sites, etc.  To say the campaign was a hit is an understatement.  It had more than 6 million viral video views within 24 hours – more than Obama’s victory speech – and year-over-year sales were up 27% during the following 6 months (below are the stats)(Ruebsam, 2011).”

Below are a few of the videos that went viral on youtube, the Old Spice website and various other social media sites.

“While they established a brand strategy that shifted the appeal of Old Spice to a younger demographic, they realized that marketing is no longer about control.  In the social media world, marketing is now about participation. Old Spice engaged its market with compelling videos and messaging, and the market took it from there – with consumers owning the conversation that promoted the new brand image through social media platforms (Ruebsam, 2011).” To read the full article visit:

According to the company that created the ads it is the character that brought this brand to life through the various social media channels that Old Spice participates in. “In a way there’s nothing magical that we’ve done here,” Wieden + Kennedy’s Global Interactive Creative Director Iain Tait, told RWW. “We just brought a character to life using the social channels we all [social media geeks] use every day. But we’ve also taken a loved character and created new episodic content in real time (Ehrlich, 2010).” To read more about the viral video campaign visit:

Below is a snap shot of the facebook (1,679,571 likes) page and twitter (152,942 followers) page of Old Spice.

Take if from Old Spice, social media is the new world, and it can be a brand changer.

Jill V. Arvidson – signing out