This week we emerge ourselves in the rise of streaming media, videos, mobile technology and advergaming. One of the main topics in which I am in complete favor of is short films as a form of advertising. In doing some research I have found that more and more brands are producing short films in order to appeal to its target audience in a fresh and unique way. According to Ad Age, “While advertisers are looking for efficiencies in short-format/multiple platforms, they are also looking for new ways to engage consumers. … One way to do that is through short films and fun pieces that create awareness of the brand, and reward consumers (Ad Age, 2011).” To read the full article visit:

A company called Charlex was mentioned in this week’s discussion, which is based out of New York and produces some of the most phenomenal visual effects I have ever seen ( Charlex most recent video “ShapeShifter” enables consumers to get immersed in the video in a new way compared to a 30 second commercial. Below is the video “Shapeshifter.”

Screenrant agrees that, “commercials are pigeon-holed into a 30-second time frame by the mainstream standards. But the ones that escape those boundaries and explore the human experience of witnessing something that cannot be explained are the ones that stay with us…In my opinion, we should promote long form, subtle advertising like ShapeShifter and usher in a new era of intriguing and engaging commercialism (Screenrant, 2010).” Below is the “Shapeshifter video, to read the full article visit:

Long form ads are the future of advertising but will only attract and keep the attention of consumers if they are executed correctly. The Internet is the best tool for contact to consumers because of the easy access through multiple emerging media channels for better exposure. Consumers are seeking out advertising that is more than a mind game, but an experience that they can relate to and something  that produces a want for the product. A few brands that use long form advertising are: Pringle of Scotland, Absolut Vodka, Rodarte, Nike, Waitrose, Kraft Foods, Opening Ceremony, American Express, etc. Check out the articles above to learn a little more about this new revolution in advertising. Bottom line, entertainment is king.

Jill V. Arvidson – signing out