This week we dive into the World Wide Web and the various opportunities that are presented to advertise. If you take a minute and look at your favorite websites whether it be to shop online, use social media, read the news, etc. then you are bound to run into ads on every page. Brands are becoming more and more conscious of having consistent messages in marketing across mediums and making them stand out among competitors. I have found an article that is really focused on web design as a whole although I feel that it’s guidelines hold true for using all forms of Internet marketing. Some key tips for effective communication on the Internet include:

1. Prioritize – Use information that will attract the audience, not bore them.

2. Determine What Visitors Should Know About The Company or Website – Should they know you are affordable or have the best product on the market?

3. Keep it Simple – Short and sweet, first impressions are key!

4. Keep it Relevant to Your Target Audience – Use key words that are relevant and will attract the target audience

5. Make the Message Impossible to Miss – Good organization and hierarchy of information (using color, typography, contrast, etc.), video, and sound, will ensure that your message will not be ignored.

6. Style Text – Use a variety of weight, size, and color to differentiate information from one another.

7. Use Headers and Subheaders – Present a hierarchy so readers know what to read first and what is most important in the message.

8. Make Everything Count, or Get Rid of It – If there is an element that doesn’t enhance an ad or composition, toss it!

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Another way to ensure effective communication is by placement, ad size, and format. “Research from ad solution provider MediaMind (formerly Eyeblaster) suggests that ad placement, banner sizes and the time in which users view ads have an impact on engagement metrics.” Here are few numbers on the rate of interaction with rich media by industry and the click through rate by industry. MediaMind’s research suggests that ad placement, size and format all influence a consumer’s engagement with an ad.


Rate for Rich Media Ads Worldwide, by Industry

Clickthrough Rate for US Rich Media Ads, by Industry

























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Personally I am more apt to click on a banner ad at the top of a page (versus a square ad in the middle of a pate) that includes an attractive video with further links to a website. Overall my opinion, effective communication across various mediums on the Internet takes a lot of research and cohesive design development to accomplish a click through from a consumer.

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