Lately my boyfriend has been playing various games on his Xbox and I have been realizing how realistic they have become and how personalized they can be. Brands are using virtual representations as online users as a way to market to their target publics. Brands such as Billabong, Santa Cruz, Quiksilver, Burton, Diesal, Adidas, etc. are using these tactics in conjunction with using traditional marketing and various new media. This is a fantastic way for brands to get new lines on the market immediately to the target market, while not wasting marketing dollars in less productive ways.


According to Trey Geiger, Director of Operations and Managing Partner at Disruptive Publishers, ”Today’s gamers are doing so much more than playing traditional video games. Microsoft has created a great platform with Xbox 360, and consumers are demanding the ability to showcase their personal tastes through their Xbox LIVE Avatars. We’re excited to have worked with some of the most credible and recognizable surf and skate brands to extend their product lines to life in the virtual world.” To read the full press release visit:


Below are a few of the avatars in the new 2011 billabong line.


Since the target market consist of males in their early teens to early 20’s, it is important to market to them in ways they will see a message. Using gaming to reflect new fashion expands the market place to a live virtual platform. Consumers are seeking to express themselves virtually, and this paves the way for this demand. The popularity of this clothing content is all in the numbers of virtual good revenues rolling over $7.3 billion last year. Abigail Elise from the agrees that,” As more game players search for different ways to express themselves online, fashion marketers are looking for new ways to sell their virtual goods.” To read the full article fro Abigail Elise visit:


Fashion has broken through to the virtual world of gaming and will continue to rise in popularity as more brands join in on this money making train. It will be interesting to see if brands will branch to carry women’s clothing to the virtual world of video games. I feel that right now, small steps are the best way to learn from this approach of selling virtual goods for now. Consumers can not only interconnect through gaming online but now they can shop while they play. New media is rapidly evolving which changes the way we use the Internet and is opening new doors to interconnect e-commerce with consumers. If you are a gamer, check it out!


Jill V. Arvidson – signing out