New and emerging media is used on a daily basis. Interactivity is at an all time high. Personally I have never been so connected with the brands I love, my friends, family, news, etc. Within the past 10 years we have been introduced to Facebook, Twitter, blogging, texting, video surfing, etc. and said goodbye to old media such as the Chicago Tribune, Philadephia Inquirer, and the Los Angeles Times (that have all filed bankruptcy)(Three Ships Media, 2009). We can stay connected to not only one another, but also the brands that we are loyal to. New media allows us to follow, tweet, tag, like, text, etc. our favorite brands, keeping us “in the know” at all times. Brands are able to hear what we think, when, and why we think it within seconds and enable them to reply to consumers instantly as well. Brands that don’t use these outlets to connect with consumers will most likely be left to bankruptcy and forgotten.

As new media is rapidly changing so are it’s consumers, and without adapting to the needs and wants of consumers, brands will have a hard time keeping up with competition. Below are five predictions made by Three Ships Media, that we will see with emerging media. We have already seen several of these predictions take place but I believe that we will see them grow more as technology evolves.

Five predictions made by Three Ships Media include:

  1. “Empowered consumers will screen out advertising.”  Consumers are watching DVR, TiVo, and Netflix’s to avoid TV advertising and XM radio to avoid radio advertising.
  2. “Marketing services firms, media companies, and technology companies will converge.” Consumers are given the power to screen out content that they want to see and content that they do not want to see.
  3. “Media consumption will increase.” Time spent on TV, computer, and mobile devices have increased substantially and will continue to as wireless connectivity becomes more available. Consumers will be able to connect anywhere, anytime.
  4. “Social networks will increase importance.” Social networks are life in real time. Social networks offer a mass appeal to connect in real time. Below is a chart of facebook vs. myspace vs. twitter and its growth in 2009.
       5. “AppWorld will enable a new method of monetizing content (Three Ships Media, 2009).” The world of purchasing digital media such as movies, games, books, magazines and music has already transformed in the past five years and will continue to grow in the next five years. To find out more about Three Ships Media articles and blog visit:

Clean Cut Media also agrees that new and emerging media especially social media is on the rise. Many consumers believe that the world revolves around facebook and twitter, but there is so much more that gives life to new and emerging media. Below is what Clean Cut Media calls a social media landscape the shares a common outlet called social media and branches to: share, discuss, social networks, microblog, livestream, livecast, virtual worlds, social games, MMO, and publish.

These media outlets allow consumers to be in control of what is shared, when and how. According to Rubert Murdock of Global Media Entrepreneur, “Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it’s people who are in control (Clean Cut Media, 2009).” In consumers being in control, I feel that there is a greater need to realize the responsibility that there is in being the editor, and publisher of websites, blogs, posts etc. That however is another topic for another day.  To see statistics, and videos on the growth and impact of social media check out Clean Cut Media:

This concludes my first blog post of the growth and evolution of new and emerging media and how it will continue to be a growing part of our lives as consumers, receivers, users, creators, and senders.

Jill V. Arvidson – signing out.